"Silicon Cantera has assisted me with employment opportunities twice in the past. What stands out about Silicon Cantera is there staff, my needs are important to whom ever picks up the phone. Once you get the job, they don't just disappear, there still there for advice and guidance. If you want work you can pick up a newspaper, if you want someone who cares about your future call Silicon Cantera"
Mark Marsalis
Project Engineer

"Iíve used John Havranek's (Co-Owner of SiliconCantera, Inc) services as both an Employer and as a Candidate and have appreciated his hard work in both situations. John has found me two great senior-level technical positions in the last ten years. The most recent position is probably the best job I have had. He found the positions, supported me through the interview process and helped me review offers. In both cases the process was complicated and he gave the kind of attention that few recruiters would be willing to provide."
Mark Zimmer

What is your Process?

We take a very hands on approach to your job search. Whether you are actively searching for a new position or just curious about what is out there we always carry out our process the same way. Below we have briefly outlined what you can expect from us:

  • Initial call: Getting to know you and initiating the partnership
  • In-Office Interview: To discuss job wants and needs as well as skills and job history and possible openings.
  • Presentation: Overview of possible openings and discussion of interest.
  • Interview Prep:Prior to any interview, we sit down and give you all of the information necessary to put the you in the best position to have a successful interview.
  • Offer Acceptance: A meeting in our office in which we have the offer letter in writing. Here we can finalize the your acceptance and start preparing you for the transition to the new position.

For more information regarding each step of this process feel free to email anyone of our Consultants or call 281.578.2400.

Where did you get my information?

Based off of extensive research and cold calling carried out by each of our Consultants we have developed and maintained an extensive database of names and numbers. It is more than likely that your name came to us from a referral by a colleague or that you have been contacted by one of our Consultant's in the past and have remained in the system due to your skills and experience.

Do I need to come in to the office to meet with you or can we speak over the phone?

While speaking over the phone can provide some insight in to one's personality we prefer to meet each Candidate face to face. In doing this we are hoping to prove our sincerity in what we do as a company as well as our devotion to truly learning what it is a Candidate is looking for from a future employer. Conducting a meeting in person provides a more relaxed atmosphere in which our Consultants can truly get to know a Candidate and visa versa. It also creates an element of trust and allows a candidate to decide if they want to work with us.

Will my resume be sent without my knowledge?

Unless you give your Consultant special permission to send out your resume we will not send it anywhere without your knowledge. As Consultants who have been in the industry a long time we acknowledge the hindrances that can be caused by having your resume blanketed across the market and we go to great lengths to ensure that you are submitted only to those Companies with which you are a fit for. We believe it is imperative that each Candidate maintain full and complete knowledge of where their resume is being sent.

Do you only work within the Oil & Gas Industry?

While the majority of our recent work is in this arena, we are not exclusive to Oil and Gas. We made the decision in January 2007 to concentrate wholly on our Houston based positions and to work exclusively with our Houston based companies providing positions abroad.

How fast can you get me a job?

We are a specialty staffing firm and for that reason we deal in quality, not quantity, thus there is no time frame on how quickly we can help you. Due to the ever-fluctuating market our requests from Clients are always changing. How quickly you are placed depends on how well your experience, skills and personality match with our Clients needs.